Specialized Academic Tutoring

Goal-Oriented Math & English Tutoring

The Education Plus Center offers Math and English tutoring, as well as test preparation classes. Since beginning of 2020 we offer REMOTE ONLINE classes ONLY. The learninig ONLINE prooved to be more effective then in-person for many reasons: one of the reasons is access to our classes from different parts of the USA, we have students from New York state, New Jersey, Pensylvanina, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Florida and Texas and we invite students from other states of the USA.


Let us tutor your student in various educational studies to help them perform better. We offer Math and English classes for students from second grade up to 12th grade.

Classes are offered in group and/or individual basis 2-10 classes per week depending on each grade requirement. A class consistis of the presentation and use of new information, going over homework assignments, and taking tests to measure the students’ achievement levels. From 1988 to the present, we have had more than 12,000 success stories of students achieving goals.

In New York City we offer preparation classes for acceptance tests to Stuyvesant, Brooklyn Technical, and Staten Island Technical high schools.

We offer classes for other special programs in various schools of New York. For the SAT/ACT, we tutor students in Math and English, while different subjects are covered in SAT II. Our teachers also prepare students for the USA Math Olympiads.

Teaching a Girl

Our Approach

The primary goal of our center is to create and maintain a status of an achievement for any student who attends our classes. We developed a unique approach to achieve our goal, which is different from any other methods offered by other schools or after-school programs.

Our program includes elements of tutoring, supplement, and enrichment studying. The core idea of our philosophy is to teach a student how to learn, develop good learning habits, and how to handle a lot of on-hand or real life situations. We set up individual and group goals to achieve these results.

Contact us if your student needs math or English tutoring to prepare for gifted programs or improve school grades.