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Policies & Tuition


Students must know the schedule and follow it to arrive and leave on time. It is the parents’ responsibility to make sure the student attends all classes, and any missed classes must be made up. We coordinate an appointment for the missed class with parents, the student, and the teacher. There are no take-home tests for missed classes, and all work must be done at school.

Students must listen to and follow the teacher’s directives. If students are consistently tardy, they are not allowed to attend the class and need to make up that class on a different day. Running, talking loudly, and pushing are strictly prohibited. Students are not allowed to eat, drink, chew gum, or use their cell phones on school premises.

It is forbidden to cause damage to school property, including chairs, tables, shades, and the inside or outside structure of the building. Parents are financially responsible for any damage caused by their student. Littering is not allowed inside or outside of the building.

Tuition rates are $80 for a two-hour group class, and $60 to $350 an hour for private classes. Discounts are available for long-term commitments or another member of the family. The payment must be made on time by the beginning of the first class of each cycle. The registration fee is $20.00, and late registration fees are $40.00 per student. The cost of the textbooks is not included in the tuition.

The school year lasts from September to June. Registration must be done in person by parents and students on the school's premises. To set up a registration appointment, call (718) 265-4439 for our Brooklyn location, (718) 966-7759 for our Staten Island location on Woodvale Avenue, or (718) 351-0251 for our Staten Island location on Locust Avenue.

More Information
If you call to ask for more information, please give us your name, telephone number, your student’s grade level, the reason for your call, and the time of day we may reach you. We are currently working on preparing our books for publication in Mathematics, English, and the Mathematical Olympiads. We are also writing education articles and reference books.

Contact us at the numbers provided under Registration to enroll your student in our after-school program.