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If your student is struggling in school, the Education Plus Center offers Math and English tutoring for elementary through high school. We also offer test preparation classes for the SAT/ACT
and gifted programs.

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Learn about the policies and tuition rates of our after-school program to discover if our school is right for your student. We offer information on how to register and welcome any questions you have.

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Serving New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Florida, Texas and other states of the USA.

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Come to the Education Plus Center for tutoring and SAT/ACT preparation. Our after-school program is perfect for students from second grade to 12th grade. We are on ZOOM - online ONLY since 2020 and you can access us from any place in the USA. Classes are limited to seven individuals per group. Private classes are also available.

Our regular school year is from September 1st through June 30th. Please coordinate any rescheduling with the administration. For your convenience, summer school is open from July to August. We strongly believe in building a reliable relationship between the teacher, parents, and student.

Since 1988, we have offered a unique teaching experience for students who want to better themselves and improve in school. Many of our students have moved on to great achievements, including participation in the National Math Olympiad.

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us to help your student succeed with our tutoring and SAT preparation classes.